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Technical cooperation

Kaixin own a good explore capacity professional technical team . It is mainly constituted by professor, associate professor, doctor, master who are high qualified, experienced, age structure and educated structure are reasonable engineered. Focus on Color Doppler ,ultrasound scanner for human, veterinary, ophthalmology, miniature and health service-oriented ultrasound to developed technology.

Kaixin carry on engineering and technological research, design and test missions which is authorized or Released by local, enterprise,scientific research institution , higher education institutions and other Units; We absorb and adopt relative units and researcher come to our company to research on engineering application and test, carry research results and results transformation; We work closely with firms, popularize mature, matched engineering technological achievements, provide technological consultancy service; We provide high-quality engineering technicians and engineering project managers for medical ultrasound industry's training; We actively develop international communication and cooperation, invite foreign expert, researcher to Kaixin to exchange technology and research and development.