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Bladder Volume Tester
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  • 5.7”Color LED touch screen.
• More accurate measurement, scan time<4s.
• Easily review 12 frames of scan images.
• Built-in thermal printer for easy printing.
• USB port support massive data storage and software update.
• Working time with Li-battery about 7 hours.
• Multi-language customized (English,French,Russian,Spanish,Portuguese,Norway,ltalian).
Medical Services

Extended care    Urology

Obstetrics-gynecology    Geriatrics

Pediatrics    Rehabilitation

Surgical    Operation room

Recovery room    Emergency

Intensive care   

• Diagnose urinary retention and evaluatemany common urological conditions.
• Prevent unnecessary catheterisation.
• Reduce rates of urinary tract infection.
• Monitor post-operative recovery.
• Help caregivers manage and treat incontinence.
• Reduce costs and save staff time.


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