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KAIXIN Brazil Hospitalar 2023 Change With Heart To Creat The Future Together

2023-05-26 11:20:48
KAIXIN Brazil Hospitalar 2023 Change With Heart To Creat The Future Together!

From May 23 to 26, 2023, the 28th Hoapitalar opened. As the largest and most comprehensive medical industry exhibition in the Latin American market, it attracted more than 1,200 manufacturers from more than 54 countries to participate, exceeding more than 100,000 Professionals from all over the world to visit.

KAIXIN with the latest products show at this exhibition, 3D/4D color Doppler ultrasoundsystem, veterinary ultrasound scanner, ophthalmological ultrasound system, bladder volume test ultrasound scanner. Develop by Scientific, Lead by Innovatio. In the past 27 years, KAIXIN is committed to providing a good product to our partners.

The latest Pet using Color Doppler KU1, KC7, the Large size Animal using Ultrasound, KX5600 series model, V1 etc product have been unanimously affirmed by professionals in the world. Realize the rapid,intelligentization of animal pregnancy tests, greatly improve production efficiency, and help scientific breeding. KX5600E, V1 and other machines are equipped with RF transmission technology, matched with Kaixin professional APP data platform can easily realize the rapid transmission and batch management of measurement data.

Ophthalmological ultrasonic scanner ODU5, bladder capacity scanner BVT02, is focusing on precise calculation, fast detection, and meets user needs in all aspects.

In the busy 4 -day exhibition, KAIXIN met friends, and embraced partners from all over the world. This is not only a product exhibition, but also an communication of heart and heart.

KAIXIN Ultrasound developed with the heart, inviting you to share the new future!
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