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KAIXIN Participated in the ARAB HEALTH DUBAI 2017

2017-2-20 16:24:11
KAIXIN joined in the Dubai ARAB HEALTH with self-research human, veterinary,ophthalmic ultrasound scanners form January 30 to February 2, 2017. We take our most popular machines: Color Doppler DCU2, DCU12; B/W US unit KX5600; Ophthalmic US unit ODU5, OD1-AP; Bladder Scanner BVT01, BVT02; Veterinarian US unit MSU1PLUS, new MSU3, RKU10 and other models to Asia and Africa Market.

We introduce the highly cost effective DCU12 color doppler and the upgrade edition of KX5200V, MSU1PLUS to our customers. Through 4 days meeting, we received the customers from UAE, Pakistan, India, Egypt, Greece, England, Iraq, United Kingdom and other countries. The meeting was very successful.

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