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Kaixin Ultrasound at MEDICA 2023

2023-11-22 13:32:55
From November 13th to 16th, the 2023 Dusseldorf Medical Equipment Exhibition in Germany was grandly held at the Dusseldorf Convention and Exhibition Center in Germany. Kaixin ultrasound brought a variety of professional ultrasound equipment to the world's top medical events, demonstrating its innovation and breakthroughs in ultrasound imaging technology.

As one of the exhibitors in the field of professional ultrasound for medical devices, Kaixin ultrasound has lived up to expectations at this exhibition, bringing new products for veterinary portable ultrasound, human ophthalmic ultrasound and bladder scanners to this medical exhibition, once again well demonstrating the "intelligent manufacturing in China" 'Charm. During this period, visitors were full of praise for Kaixin’s new veterinary ultrasound product KX5600E. Its exquisite and compact appearance, comfortable use, intelligent and stable operating system, and high-quality image quality make new and old friends confident in future market growth. Visitors came to the Kaixin booth to experience the uniqueness of the new products.

What must be mentioned at this exhibition is the company's Xinxing Ultrasonic Bladder Scanner. This product is dedicated to the exploration of urology and is used in urology, obstetrics and gynecology, radiotherapy, rehabilitation, etc. It is easy to carry, simple to operate, automatically calculates data, and reduces costs. reduce the incidence of urinary tract infections, optimize clinical work, and improve work efficiency. Kaixin bladder scanner has injected new vitality into rehabilitation medicine and provided more humane services for patient diagnosis and treatment. Among them, BVT01/BVT02 has received extremely high market evaluation, and also laid the foundation for the new product BVT03, and everything is ready to go.

Kaixin ultrasound will adhere to the path of independent research and development, continue to strengthen technical exchanges and cooperation, keep up with the development trends of the world's medical industry, and continue to demonstrate the strength and style of "Intelligent Manufacturing in China" to the world. Let’s run hard on the journey of globalization.
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