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KAIXIN ultrasound successfully exhibited 2018 MEDICA

2018-11-26 16:28:34
From November 12th to 15th, 2018, KAIXIN successfully exhibited the 2018 German Düsseldorf Medical Exhibition with the new ultrasonic instruments.

The new notebook-type color ultrasound equipment attracted exhibitors from all over the world, dealers have tested with satisfied expression. There are also many doctors and scholars among the visitors, who have affirmed the image of this notebook color ultrasound, and praised its function of humanized design.

In addition, the urine volume equipment BVT01, BVT02 is also a big focus. Dealer David from the UK believes that Kaixin's urine capacity equipment has a high market competitiveness. With the continuous upgrading of machines and ancillary equipment, BVT01 and BVT02 have good market prospects. Interestingly, our urine capacity equipment has attracted many competitors to test and compare, and the accuracy of BVT01 and BVT02 is appreciated.

Our veterinary ultrasound scanners have a high reputation in the international market, which is inseparable from the customer's trust and support.The large animal ultrasound V1/V2 that was exhibited this time has attracted the attention of many new and old customers. Its wireless data transmission function enhances the user's work efficiency, and improves the waterproof level of the device .

KAIXIN insists on providing customers with the best ultrasound scanners and services as always. This exhibition has achieved great success.

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